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Rover Battle development #1

It's been a while since the last post here. However it doesn't mean we've been lazy. Actually the new game is making great progress. Lately we have been working on the rover building mode, and the level editor. More about the level editor in the following posts... Building mode is now looking pretty good and most of the parts are functional already. I would say it's improved a lot from what it was in the previous game. One simple but interesting addition is the solar panel part, and a battery in the central unit. Every moving part now uses energy from the central battery! So it's not only the mechanics that count but you also have to make sure you'll get enough power into your rover.

Obviously the biggest addition in the rover editor is the cannon. It's so much fun if you are skilled enough to build a durable suspension system to your rover. Recoil is not easy to handle if you are going with full power.

Of course there's still a lot to do, particularly with usability and stability, but we're slowly getting there!

I attached below a short video about the rebuilt building mode. Does it look interesting?

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