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The last fixes

The Early Access release date is getting closer! We are not sure about the exact day yet because we are not familiar with Steam's review process. Anyway it's hopefully in a couple weeks.

The last things we have been working on are optimizing performance and making a tutorial video. Both of them surprisingly laborious stuff. For a tutorial we ended up adding a video in the building mode. We thought at this point a video might be the most efficient way to show how things work. In the tutorial video we build a simple rover that uses all the key techniques and parts. Building rovers is not complicated at all when you know a couple of tricks but the beginning might be confusing without a tutorial.

Also we have fixed a bunch of bugs. Now it looks like the gameplay is working fine overall but I'm sure you guys will find some more bugs for us :) It would be great if you'd then let us know if something isn't working properly.

When we release the game we need to have a nice trailer video. All the gameplay material is already recorded but the final thing Aleksi is working on is a beautiful starting scene for the video. It will be made with Blender and it looks like our computers will have a challenge rendering that stuff out :P Clouds and volumetric lighting are real graphic card killers...

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