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Meet the team - Johannes

This is a mini series about our team members. Today we'll introduce Johannes.

Johannes is our lead programmer, if we try to be official. That's because he alone has written basically the whole engine (with Unity) for the physics/building from the very beginning. And actually the kickstart for the whole project came from Johannes. We had just started planning and doing some testing for Rover Builder GO when someone just threw out a thought "would it be possible to make this in 3d?". We forgot it quickly but one day Johannes showed us a prototype of how to build structures intuitively with three dimensions. It was pretty rough (especially the graphics) but very inspirational anyway. So we decided to try and make a game around it...

As long as I can remember Johannes has been interested in all kinds of mechanical things like catapults and engines. Sometimes he built them out of wood and sometimes with legos, but I remember that we (brothers) were always a bit jealous of those beautiful constructions.

When Johannes learned programming he helped us to make all kinds of interesting game demos. But when he was working on his own you could expect to see something like a very complicated fractal generator or a simple racing game with endless techical details.

Nowadays when we give some complicated specifications about new features for Johannes, he usually says they're not possible to implement. However the next day it's already done and quite often with some improvements too... Without Johannes we would still be doing some animation projects and only dreaming about game development :)

When Johannes is not programming he likes to play guitar, make wooden recorders and spend time with his family.

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