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Meet the team - Aleksi

In indie projects you never have enough time to fine-tune game graphics over and over again. That's just how it is, but the situation would be even worse if your artist wouldn't be a super fast and creative multi-talent. Luckily we have Aleksi in our team. In Rover Builder most of the 3d models and graphic assets are made by him and he's also the man behind most of the music and videos.

Aleksi has always been interested in music and arts, but games weren't a big part of his childhood. The visual art progression went from drawing to photography and from there to videos. At some point in his early teens he also started fiddling around with some 3d modeling programs, which turned out to be really important in the future. He started doing graphics for our early game tests, and that has over time developed into a clear division of labor, in which he is the main graphics artist and asset creator. He has a touch of perfectionism in him, but 4 years of fast-paced commercial work and multiple game projects where he is the only asset creator have resulted in him learning to work quickly and efficiently. Aleksi and Johannes still sometimes manage to get in arguments over facecounts and whatnot, but luckily we've ended up developing a low-poly type of style in many of our projects..

Interestingly Aleksi is now the only one of us who is actually playing some games in his freetime, though by conventional gamer standards it's still not much. But that's great because he knows the newest trends and technologies out there. I think he will not calm down before we have implemented VR into Rover Builder.

As a person Aleksi is idealistic and very future-oriented. He keeps to himself most of the time, and it can be difficult to know what's going on in his head. Though he says even he himself doesn't know that sometimes... Aleksi is also starting to build a new home for his family. Their property is pretty cool so I think there will be some more remote days in the future!

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