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Rover Battle development #2

It's been a while since we last made a blog post but don't worry, we are still working on it. Lately we have been working on the level editor and enemies. The level editor is very important at this point because it enables us to test the basic idea of the game. And we are going to make the final levels with the same editor that players will use. Now we can already make different kinds of tasks for the levels and add a few enemies.

The enemies are not very clever yet as they do not follow the player, but their shooting skills are very good. I would say almost too good :) Fighting with other rovers is very fun and I think it takes the game to a whole new level.

We were also discussing about the weaponry of the game, and we came up with an idea to change all the guns into a water/toy related stuff. For example a cannon would be a water balloon cannon and so on. That would make a nice fit to the miniatyre world and style. Water balloon cannon, Water rocket launcher and, hmm... What else should we have?

Here's a short video about the current state:

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