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Early Access is out!

Rover Builder is now accepted to the Steam and is available for everyone who wants to build rovers :) This is a very exciting moment for us as Rover Builder is our first Steam release! We don't know what kind of visibility we could expect but we'll see that soon.

If everything goes well and you guys like the game, what happens next? Well, first of all I would love to hear feedback about what you like about the game and what is boring. That's because I think building rovers is working pretty well so making more missions might be the most urgent thing to keep the game interesting. After getting more content we are also planning to add a couple more parts there but it would also be very interesting to hear what kind of parts you'd like to see.

A long story short, go and try Rover Builder, enjoy playing and let us know if you get any ideas how to make it better :)

Here is the new trailer video ( we didn't get the new intro there yet but it's coming to the next version...)

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