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Rocket planet

Rover Builder - Rocket planet

The third planet is starting to take it's shape! This time it looks like the weather conditions are a bit colder, but luckily rockets and electric motors are working without problems. You just need to be careful as the ground is slippery.

On this icy planet rockets really come in handy. In fact most of the missions are impossible without them (if you are not as creative as some of our users :). Unlike in sandbox, rockets has limited fuel when using them during the missions. It means that you can fly only very little time and building light weight vehicles is crucial.

One update that is coming with rocket missions is that the central unit becomes destructible. We decided that way because otherwise it would be possible to complete missions just by flying and crashing to the telepad. We want to encourage people to build well controlled vehicles and to complete the missions smoothly. However you can still pass the mission with a broken rover if the central unit is working. No problem if you loose one of your tires :)

Rover Builder- Mission Control

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