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Life after EA release

It's about a week now since we released Rover Builder in Steam Early Access. I can say that it has been a scary, exciting and hectic week! The start was much better than we expected and we got hundreds of downloads very fast. That definitely makes our development much easier financially, but on the other hand it also pushes us forward faster than we planned. We already have a great small community in Steam with dozens of great ideas of what to do next. The feedback has been mostly positive and we believe that we really can make Rover Builder a great game. It'll surely be a lot of work but people enjoying our game makes it worthwhile.

The beauty of EA is that we immediately get feedback about our updates. I have to say that our plans for the next version after the release have changed almost totally. It's eye-opening to see where people are struggling and what is working well.

The first thing now is definitely to improve the building mode. We have already fixed lot of bugs and added some small features but more is coming. After fixing some things in the building mode we can concentrate more on adding parts, a sandbox level and new planets.

Here's a concept image about the sandbox mode that's coming soon. It's designed especially for taking great screenshots and videos. Later on we'll add some terrain options there too...

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