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New game

We have been considering this issue a lot and I think it's a good idea to share it here as soon as possible. So in all simplicity we came to a conclusion that it's better to start working towards a totally new game. But don't worry, I have a lot of great news for you.

The reason we started to think about a new game is that in the current Rover Builder there are a lot of problems that are difficult or downright impossible to fix now that we have to support the old versions also. This is our first PC game and we made some elementary mistakes at the beginning. However the building framework is very good and totally worth further development. The new game will be using pretty much the same logics in the building mode but the game around it will be very different.

We understood that the style of the current levels is not carrying very far as it might get boring after several planets, and also the current levels are unnecessary difficult to create and heavy to play. We need something more lightweight so that we are able to create much more content and hopefully also let players create and share extra content. Also we need more activities in addition to travelling from point A to B and picking boxes. We are envisioning some light-hearted fighting features and possibly even multiplayer duels if it seems to be realistic.

Our plan is to contiunue fixing bugs from the current game but not creating much new content, so that we can focus all effort towards a new, much better game. And for those who have been playing Rover Builder and are waiting for more content I have good news. We are planning to ask our subscribers to be in our early test group when that time comes!

I won't reveal all the plans yet as they will change for some parts but I'll keep you up to date. We are also looking for a world wide publisher currently so the future looks interesting!

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