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New mobile game: Rover Builder GO

While we are working hard with our PC game, we've had a side project with another small team. This new mobile game is called Rover Builder GO and it will be released in a few weeks (I'll let you know when it's out).

The game is kind of a modification from our first mobile game, Rover Builder. (we are very creative with the names, I know...) The old game was about building 2d rovers and completing short levels with different terrain challenges and a few different types of prizes. This new game is more about racing. The main idea is still about building rovers but in Rover Builder GO these vehicles are used for racing against other players, and the prizes are used to upgrade your parts. Here's the description we wrote to Play Store:

"Rover Builder GO is a challenging racing game that combines building and driving in a unique way. In the garage you can build any kinds of physically accurate rovers from the scratch. Only your creativity sets the limits.

You are competing against other real players, trying to rise to the next division. Division rankings are shared every day so you need to stay sharp to climb to the top. As you succeed in the race you’ll get money to upgrade and buy new parts to your rover.

Are you ready to compete in this cosmic race of crazy rovers?"

If you're interested in trying the beta version (Android) please let me know. Just send me e-mail to

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