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We got Greenlit!

Guess who is the programmer, artist and CEO :)

That is SUPER exciting! Last night I got an e-mail saying we got Greenlit. Thank you so much for voting us, guys!

As this will be our first game in Steam we have to take a moment and plan our next step. We would love to see Rover Builder as an Early Access game as soon as possible so that we could start getting feedback from you. Of course we need to make sure there's enough content to play and explore before the game goes out. Good news is that even the sandbox alone is a lot of fun and I can promise that you will spend hours and hours trying to figure out some mechanic issues. I have done that already :)

Right now we are working with the career mode and graphics. We'll invest some time to get different kind of missions as it is not clear to us yet what kind of activities are the most fun out there.

Building mode is working great already. For sure we need to add some tutorials and tips there even if we tried to make it as intuitive as possible. If you guys have any ideas for what kind of tutorials work well in this kind of game we are happy to hear them. It is really important that the new players feel confident with the UI even if there's so much things they can do. Probably we'll have some simple pre-made rover presets that the player can start modifying before creating their own stuff.

Again, thank you so much for supporting us and stay tuned. We'll let you know our schedule as soon as possible. We try not to rush but to be honest I'm very excited about getting this out!

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