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Planet 2 in progress

Planet 2 is starting to take shape! As I wrote earlier we wanted to make the second planet a bit more civilized after the rocky first planet. It means that planet 2 contains more flat surfaces, dynamic structures and challenging human/alien made labyrints. All these create new kinds of requirements for rovers. Sometimes you need a strong bulldozer and sometimes a small deft rover to complete the mission.

We have also done a bunch of new features that make playing much more fun. Shortcuts, snapping and new options for motors and hydraulics make building easier.

The challenge with the new planet is to define appropriate physics for loose parts like rocks and bars. They should be heavy enough to stay stable when building structures but on the other hand rover physics should be able to handle the parts without exploding. Naturally rovers can break sometimes but physics should not do that.

A few more missions and planet 2 is ready for the final visual facelift!

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