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Super day

Today we had a real super day. We got dozens of small features done and even all eight levels for the first planet are now playable. The basic gameplay is pretty much ready now and we are starting to fine tune everything. As usual this is the most laborious part of game developing but you just need to do it.

Our division of labor is the following: Johannes (on the right) does most of the programming. The building concept is designed together but Johannes has improved it often while programming it.

Aleksi (on the left) is our "official" artist. Matias is also doing levels, ui ect. design but quite often all the finishing ends up for Aleksi. He is also responsible for the music, and other tasks that require a good aesthetic eye. Johannes and Aleksi are constantly fighting over the number of faces in 3d models and other technical stuff. Aleksi wants to make it look good and Johannes tries to keep the game light. Luckily we ended up with low poly style, it helps a bit...

Matias (writing) basically handles all other things like blogging, marketing, testing (even though other guys can't stay away from that) ect. These roles have been working pretty well so far. Actually the roles have been exactly the same for 10 years, as long as we have been making games :)

Anyway it was a great day and gives us hope that we'll have the first version out in couple of months!

Here's a short gameplay montage of some of the new missions:

Thank you for reading and stay tuned!

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