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Mission control and rover gallery

Okay, it still looks a bit rough but it's working! Mission control is the place where you explore and receive missions. We ended up dividing the missions in different planets. Each planet contains 8 missions (not yet though :)) with different kind of challenges. The player needs to complete a certain amount of missions to earn a preferment and to get access to the next planet.

The basic functionality for mission control was quickly built but challenges started when we tried to figure out how to control rovers and savings during the mission. Surprisingly it was a real brain teaser. After trying different solutions we came up with a quite simple idea: Each mission includes 3 slots for rovers and they can be controlled just by clicking the wanted slot. In other words the player can build one rover, drive it to the field and come back to the shed and build a new rover to another slot. The position of every rover, stone and box will be saved as long as the player doesn't change or restart the mission. And when player changes mission, existing rover designs will stay saved in every mission's slots. Designing rovers takes lot of time so that feels like a nice feature :) If the player wants to use the same rover for different missions it's possible through rover gallery. The best designs can be saved in the gallery and of course imported from the gallery to an empty rover slot.

It looks like the game is starting to be in a good shape, because quite often we find ourselves just building fun rovers instead of developing the game further :P

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