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The story behind Rover Builder

Aleksi composing music to the first Rover Builder.

We have been developing games as a hobby for almost a decade. For a long time we knew we'd have something to give for players around the world, but projects didn't get far enough and stayed in our hard drives. Then finally late 2015 we decided to develop our first mobile game and publish it no matter would happen.

We had dozens of ideas for great games, but it wasn't easy to choose one among three brothers. After a lengthy discussion we concluded that building things was something we all were interested in - and space too. We thought back about playing with lego as little kids, one of our favorite activities. We never had quite enough blocks for all the builds, though. So we simply decided that in our game we won't end up with the lack of blocks and that we should be able to build (almost) anything. Basically that was the story behind Rover Builder.

We released Rover Builder in Google Play at the beginning of 2016. It was a happy surprise that people actually played our game. It started getting more downloads than we ever dreamed of. Today it has 2,5 million downloads. The game isn't very pretty and it definitely has some usability problems, but we saw that there really is demand for a good vehicle building game. Immediately we started dreaming about an improved mobile game and also a PC version that would have much more details. Could it even be a 3d version? We decided to start working with both - new mobile game and a PC version.

For the PC version we don't have a very strict plan yet, because there are so many possibilities. We are hoping to get an early access version out as soon as possible and start collecting feedback from players around the world. We'd like to know what people find fun in it. And of course we are more than happy to hear any ideas even before we have released the game. We'll keep updating new features etc. in our blog so you'll get a better idea of what you can do in the game.

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